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eau de parfum
100ml / 3.4 fl. oz.

In a 1970 recording of Frederick Ashton’s Nocturne Ballet, Margot Fonteyn was dancing in all her beauty, innocently minding her own business. In a split second, the camera pans left and you see what can only be described as a hooded shadow, following her ominously to completely switch up the energy in front of you. Purity versus evil, back and forth. A visual paradox. Seen in the work of Kubrick throughout, especially in the pictures he took of Chicago in the late forties. He captures many beings in this series that mirror the eery silhouette invading the Fonteyn dance unannounced. The scent represents this complex notion and combination, that can exist together in such a beautiful way. 


top: grapefruit / rosemary / wormwood / cardamom

core: rose / blackcurrant buds / freesia / violet

base: papyrus / moss / vanilla / vetiver / patchouli / virginia cedar

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