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IIUVO | iuvō | Latin:

to help, aid, assist, 

to please, delight, gratify


IIUVO is an artistic practice which synthesizes scents and other mediums to communicate and complement layers of life through realised products & concepts.

We aim to use our ideas as a bridge to convey new frequencies in how one relates to scent. In such a closed sphere, we aim to open and create a new cadence of commune and curiosity in which anyone can resonate with our concepts for their own reasons. 

Our creative process is pivotal as we deploy music, film, photography and other mediums to amplify our experiences, as memories help provide an honest experience in which every nuance is felt. 

Through community, IIUVO aims to evolve through dialogues with other individuals and organisations in various mediums that can assist in furthering new ideas through the art.

From inception to product we will carve a new paradigm and challenge the way products and scents are perceived to capture and explore the imagination. As well as scent, it is our duty to explore and invent new ways in which IIUVO can be utilised in every aspect. 

Bergkamp & Henry.