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IIUVO—meaning to delight or gratify. A simple notion but one of great significance to us. Our fragrances are directly rooted in experience, inflected with emotional resonance ; a confluence of memory and forethought. Function and aesthetic are the cornerstones from which we build, laying note upon note, adjusting and experimenting, until the narrative begins to emerge. This takes time, as most worthwhile things do, but patience, like the best perfume, rewards.

The Founders

The story begins with the chance meeting of founders Tomi Ahmed and Leo Gibbon in London, who discovered a shared fascination with perfume’s potent ability to evoke emotional memory. The son of a florist, Leo created IIUVO’s first scent to invoke the childhood memory of his mother’s workshop. Its success led Tomi and Leo—then 23-year old industry outsiders—to the doors of some of the world’s most prestigious perfume houses. Some remained firmly closed. But, with persistence (and perhaps charisma), others began to open. Gradually, IIUVO attained international recognition and a reputation for creating eloquent, emotive, fragrances with lasting personal resonance.