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scented candle / bougie parfumée
190g / 6.7 oz, 40h burning time

In the verdant countryside of Kyoto, Japan’s first capital, the air is remarkably pure. Surrounded by mountains and nestled between pockets of greenery, one of the founders visit to this tranquil region serves as the inspiration for Kurīn—a scent whose name, phonetically, means clean. Top notes of peppermint and green tea evoke the teashops found at the corner of every street, a streak of mandarin alludes to the magnificent orange tree in the gardens of the Imperial Palace, beneath which cedar, moss and musk, inspired by the Arashiyama Forest, form an earthy base. Although often overshadowed by the much mythologised cherry blossom, seas of violets span field upon field in the areas surrounding Kyoto and combined with cassis, these blooms provide the lighter, floral notes to Kurīn.

top: mandarin / peppermint / cassis

core: green tea / violet

base: moss / cedar / musk

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